Super Mario Run

April 19, 2017 — by Madison Hamilton

Super Mario Run

Millions of people were looking forward to seeing one of the most beloved Plumbers in the world on their mobiles after Nintendo announced to make an entry into the Smartphone gaming industry. But when Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto appeared at the launch of the iPhone 7 in September 2016, to announce and demonstrate his lovable plumber’s first gaming appearance on a phone, not many people liked the exclusivity.

Super Mario Run

It was on March 23rd that the envy of millions of Android users came to an end. But the question that remains is whether the arrival of Mario in mobiles really a big deal, that too after being run for three months on iOS? And some other related questions that will be discussed later on.

Talking about the game itself- Well tap that screen, did you see Mario jump? Tap it again and keep tapping the screen for the rest of the game whenever you need to make him jump. That’s how you play this game. All you need to do is short tap and long tap to make Mario jump lower or higher or make him do a somersault to kill enemies and the game takes care of the rest (including running and skipping over short obstacles and foes).

Super Mario Run Download

What this means is that Super Mario Run is an automatic running game like several others, but it’s not endless. The game has 24 levels divided into 6 worlds and Mario needs to go across all these worlds to save Princess Peach from evil Bowser.

Each level bears a layout that resembles all the old Mario Bros games. This gives a nostalgic feel to the game, yet the graphics are rich enough to compete with new games. As Mario keeps running forward, the game seems to push you to collect more and more coins before reaching the end. And that exactly seems to be the point of the game- To collect as many coins as possible rather than blindly running from start to finish just reaching the next level.

Super Mario Run Coins

The special coin hunt is actually what keeps you hooked to the game. Every level has five special coins spread all across the stage but not at all easy to get. You need to collect all the first five set of Pink coins which unlocks a new Purple set of coins and getting them unlocks new Black coins set. Each coin is placed at such point that you have to be clever with every jump you make. But don’t lose your heart if you miss a coin or die because, like many of the recent Super Mario games, you can spend Bubbles which can take you backwards in the level and pop it where you want to run again.

When the single-player World Tour first released, it had 6 worlds with four levels each and having at least one boss level. But not all levels are available at once. You have to pay $9.99 to purchase the complete game.

The game has a new-old feel to it. While the gameplay is new and engaging, the plot, characters and the overplay game is pretty old. For many people, this might make the game not much desirable, but for us, going through the whole journey with a new outlook was a fulfilling experience and an addictive game with one coming back again and again to collect all the coins.

Super Mario Run Characters

To make sure a player doesn’t get exhausted playing the World Tour, Toad Rally and Kingdom Builder play the key role. Toad Rally has the same gameplay as the levels, but here you are actually competing with a ghost of a real-world player. The aim is to have the highest score by collecting a maximum number of coins.

You need to perform cool maneuvres and each time you perform a new manoeuvre toads will join in to cheer you. At the end of the level, your scores are calculated and the one with maximum coins and maximum toad’s support wins the round..

Super Mario Run Toads

After this, all the toads supporting you will come to live in your kingdom which you can build with all the coins collected. You can buy new items to make a house for your toads to live. These two categories provide an added bonus to the game and give a needed rest to the main story. You can even unlock new characters to play as and replace Mario in the main missions.

Super Mario Run Worlds

Super Mario Run overall is an amazing journey through the Mushroom Kingdom but the feeling in itself is not refreshing and new. Of course, the game lacks any new powers and new enemies, but you have to admit Nintendo did a great job in designing the overall layouts and background score. It’s an old game in new shoes for the new generation to see what the 90’s gaming was. Despite all these nagging points, the game still holds the old charm for all the Mario lovers. Super Mario Run Android is a game changer for Nintendo and we hope they bring in new updates and feature for the game in near future.